Střední průmyslová škola, Praha 10, Na Třebešíně 2299

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The basic information about our school.

Secondary technical school in Prague 10 is a special institution situated in a nice, peaceful area of Malešice park.

The whole school complex consists of eight buildings. Section with classrooms, laboratories, workshops, gymnasium with the swimming pool, school canteen and the student hostel. Because of its equipment school provides excellent conditions for its graduates. They are able to use their professional theoretical and practical knowledge both in practice and in further successful study at the university.

Mechanical engineering

This field of study offers a complex technical education in the area of structural and technological production preparation.In classes we use highly efficient computers with CAD systems for designing and CAM system support for programming and control of CNC machine tools.The majority of the graduates continues at the Czech University of Technology,where our school has a very good reputation,and at other universities.There is a great interest in our graduates in practice.In accordance with their orientation( specialisation),they work in companies occupying with project activities in the heating and air conditioning sphere., and also in various joint- stock companies in technological trade jobs.They can work in design and technology department as well as in operation.

Branch of study from the 3rd form.

  • Technical equipment of buildings

Branches of study from the 4th form:

  • CAD systems
  • Programming of CNC machines
  • Diagnosis of motor vehicles
  • Machinery economics

Information technology – application of personal computers

This branch of study enables to learn the basis of hardware,software,computer network and programming.The curriculum plans contain the use of word and spreadsheet processors,work with the network and the internet,presentation programmes,website formation,database, programming and graphic systems.Besides technical subjects – students also acquire the basis of computer design and animation.Graduates of this branch of study work as computer programmers,program managers and website creators.Many of them go on with their studies at universities.

Technical secondary school

Prepares future graduates mainly for further university studies,but at the same time provides secondary professional education of technical orientation.Offers the opportunity to choose optional subjects orientated to either machinery or information technology.Prefers math and science subjects and the basis of professional technical education.

Special programmes in our school

Programme for students with specific learning defects.

This programme has already been realised since 1992.Within this time we have gained great experience which guarantees our professional approach to students with specific learning defects.

Students are placed ( incorporated) into common classes,where is a special supporting programme prepared for them.

Sports class

In cooperation with the Sports youth centre and the Football club AC Sparta Praha a.s.-

we provide talented football players the opportunity to study machinery at the 23-41-M/ 01 sports class,which with its timetable enables more effective linking of school duties together with the sports growth of players.

Advisory and psychotherapeutic department ( establishment)

Not only career masters and preventive advisors( preventors) of the social pathological phenomena ( drugs, alcohol ),but also a school psychologist ( who can by the help of self training and relaxation method help to improve students study results.) are at disposal.

STŘEDNÍ PRŮMYSLOVÁ ŠKOLA, Praha 10, Na Třebešíně 2299, příspěvková organizace HMP, IČ: 61385417